We know that the biggest challenge for many people when learning a language is that they cannot ovecome the barrier of “I cannot do this, I cannot understrand this” which they have built against the language, and learn it fully. The most important reason why it is so difficult to overcome this obstacle is that when speaking a foreign language, people feel themselves in a continuous evaluation process, and this feeling causes them to feel stressed with every sentence they make and, in turn, have problems in learning. While some people overcome this and reach their goal, many give up saying they cannot do it. However, speaking and communicating are two of the most natural actions of human beings.

So why do we have such a hard time? What is language? Language is a tool. We use language to communicate with other people, other cultures, the world itself. Language builds a bridge that connects us to the world and to others, the more we learn other things, the stronger and richer the language becomes.

Then why not use the foreing language we learn as a tool? As ZOZUQ, we have integrated foreign language education into a hobby learning you are interested in. We think that this will both give you more confidence and the learning will best accomplised.

Based on this idea, we combined our language training with cultural training. While studying different branches of art in a variety of cultures, you will also learn how to communicate using that language.

At the same time, we will be sharing on our website some of the language training methods we have designed related to this subject through the short exercises we have created for you.

How about practicing language while painting, talking about artists, visiting a museum, singing, learning a craft of a different culture?