Why should I learn culture?

Language is an indispensable element of society and inter-communal relations and has an important role in commercial, cultural and political relations. Since no society can exist alone, foreign language learning has gained importance throughout history. Each language bears the cultural and political traces of the society in which it is spoken, and therefore it is inevitable to include culture in language learning.

Would you like to learn closely the human life in the society where the language you learn is spoken? Although culture is included in foreign language books, there is always a missing part. Culture is a vocabulary list that we cannot memorize. Our aim in our culture speaking lessons is to talk about the unknown sides of the people, traditions and daily life in the countries where the languages  learned are spoken, give examples and bring you closer to these countries.

As you get to know the people and culture of the language you learn, your motivation and your awareness will increase and most importantly, you will reach your real goal: full learning/a complete learning. Each of us sees the world through our own culture. Just learning the vocabulary and grammar rules in one language doesn't mean you will understand what's being communicated. Just learning the words of a language doesn’t mean you’ll always understand. 

Learn about other countries, their political backgrounds, food, conversation, holidays, idioms and cultural references! We are here for you to build this bridge with our expert teachers.