Our curriculum has been prepared in Greenwich time zone, England. However, if the majority of students from the same country is provided, the lessons will be arranged according to the time of that country.

We will use Microsoft Teams and it's a free platform.

We will send you an invitation mail before the lessons start. As soon as you join there, all lessons are automatically processed into the calendar section of your device. Afterwards, all you have to do is to go to the calendar when the class time arrives, and attend the lesson that day.

You only need to buy books in “all levels” adult and children classes. The books to be used are easily accessible materials.

You can find out your level by clicking the Levels link.

You can choose a suitable program for you and join the ZOZUQ family right away.

You can reach ZOZUQ from the Contact link.

ZOZUQ respects your personal information and does not share this information with any person or organization without your permission.

We don't like it! And we don't tolerate it.

Both British English and American English are used in ZOZUQ.

ZOZUQ is a Language & Culture Academy formed with twenty years of experience.

For the information please visit about us.

No, ZOZUQ is not free of charge. You can click the Price link to get information about our fees.

ZOZUQ is  for anyone who wants to learn about language and culture. You will reinvent yourself by talking about different topics with the help of our experienced teachers.