With the increasing importance of foreign language learning in recent years, education experts working in this field have turned to developing different, creative, effective and entertaining teaching techniques. Children's language learning process, format and methods differ from adults. For this reason, for a permanent and better learning, programs for children should be created by taking these into consideration. We have prepared with our expert trainers in this field a program based on repetition, especially enriched with audio visual activities, with the materials we selected for the children as a result of meticulous work, supporting the way babies learning method with games. We provide education at all levels with our activities specially prepared for each age, especially with lesson contents that support speaking skills.


Whether we know a language or not is revealed when we try to communicate. So how do we communicate? By writing, speaking, listening… Speaking is one of the language skills that people fear the most. Why? There are many reasons, but one of them is lack of practice. If we do not use language as a means of communication, we cannot learn it fully.

Here we are here to help you. At the end of our 30-hour speaking lessons for all levels, you will be able to speak more fluently, understand the other person better, and thus increase your self-confidence and avoid being afraid to communicate.

In our lessons, we will use pictures, newspaper and radio news, cartoons, games, idioms, songs, movies, advertisements in addition to audio-visual materials, and we will learn the classics of the culture in which the language is spoken and follow the agenda, and we will gain your confidence by creating a natural learning environment.

It is time to get rid of cliché sentences such as "I understand but cannot speak". Now is the time to learn and communicate better. Don't be afraid to talk and get started! - Stop being afraid of making mistakes, JUST TALK!


In our “All level classes” whatever your level is, our experienced teachers can guide you to develop necessary skills to improve your foreign language.

Learn a new language in our level classes. ZOZUQ offers from A1 to C1.

ZOZUQ offers from A1 to C1. Choose your level and begin!

Beginner A1
Learn useful language for everyday communication. Situations include meeting new people, checking understanding and making suggestions.

Pre-intermediate A2
Learn useful language for everyday communication. Situations include showing interest, talking about where you're from and talking about your job.

Intermediate B1
Learn useful language for everyday communication. Situations include responding to news, meeting face-to-face and asking a favour.

Upper intermediate B2
Learn useful language for everyday communication. Situations include giving advice, dealing with a problem and challenging someone's ideas.

Advanced C1
Learn useful language for everyday communication. Situations include expressing themselves fluently and spontaneously, using language flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes, formulating ideas and opinions appropriately.


In our “Reading club” the kids will devolop skills to:

  • Read & retell stories (Setting, Characters Plot, Problem and Solution)
  • Use critical thinking
  • Practice creative writing.


Our “Academic English Course” classes aim to develop necessary skills and strategies:

  • to read academic articles
  • to listen to academic lectures
  • to prepare and deliver presentations
  • to write a paragraph, easy
  • to do research
  • to use academic vocabulary
  • THESE skills will also prepare you for any academic language test e.g. IELTS Academic or PTE Academic

If the classes we offer don’t match your requirements, Zozuq offers two options to fit your specific needs and schedule:

1. Private lessons:

Take advantage of our convenient package programs for One-to-One lessons for any foreign language we offer. Simply contact us, and we will work with you to design a program just right for you. Currently, our fee is 285 Euros for 20 hours.

2.Create your own group:

If our course offerings at the level you want don’t suit you, just find four more friends and create your own class.

Contact us! Don’t miss out on these opportunities!