4 Mistakes Made While Learning Turkish

When you start learning Turkish from scratch, it is only natural to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning. Nobody can be successful in something they try for the first time. Trial and error, making frequent mistakes and learning from these mistakes are the most important steps in the process of learning a language. In this article, we have compiled for you some common mistakes you can make while learning Turkish and what you need to pay attention to in order  to avoid them. Enjoy!

Mistakes Made While Learning Turkish

1. Focusing on Grammar Rules

When speaking Turkish, focusing too much on grammar rules can significantly degrade your speaking ability. This is because when speaking, you usually don't have enough time to stop and think about grammar rules, so you just say the words as they come into your head. Therefore, in daily speaking Turkish, it will be more effective not to get stuck with grammar rules, but rather to let the words flow.

2. Learning by Heart

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when learning Turkish is learning by heart. Studying only by memorizing prevents you from learning the essence of the subject, so it not only limits you, but also affects your language development negatively. Doing something by heart prevents you from making progress with it simply because when you perform that task, you are actually not thinking about what you are doing. Therefore, when learning Turkish, just as with any other subject, it should be your priority to stay away from memorization and try to progress by learning, not by memorizing.  

3. Depending too much on Textbooks

If you only study from textbooks, you can learn the basic rules of Turkish, but you cannot learn how to integrate Turkish into your daily life. In order to learn Turkish, you need to benefit not only from textbooks but also from many different sources. Using multiple sources rather than a single source will accelerate and strengthen your Turkish learning process.

4. Fear of Speaking

Having low self-confidence, being afraid to speak Turkish and take part in a dialogue are  some of the biggest mistakes you can make during your language learning process. Some key strategies you can follow to overcome your fear of speaking Turkish include practicing often, noting down your mistakes and trying hard not to repeat them in your next conversation. Zozuq provides you with great practical support at this stage, allowing you to overcome your fear of speaking and gain self-confidence during your learning process. After practising your Turkish with Zozuq, you will notice that you speak Turkish more comfortably and fluently over time, and you will experience how beneficial it has been for you to take an online Turkish course during your learning process.