5 Things You Should Know About Spanish

Did you know that Spanish, whose mother tongue is spoken by nearly 480 million people around the world, is the second most spoken language in the world? Even in the US alone, there are more Spanish speakers than in Spain. Spanish, which is widely used even in Hispanic countries with origins in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central America and other Latin American countries, is one of the languages ??that will shine the most in the coming years, considering both economic and cultural changes. If learning Spanish is among your foreign language plans, you can read the rest of our article and have prior knowledge about both Spanish culture and Spanish.

Information about Spanish

1 . Spain Location and History

Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is located in the southwest of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain has the Mediterranean in the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. Neighboring important countries such as Portugal, France, Andorra and the United Kingdom, Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe after France. Spain, which has been a member of the European Union since 1986 and of NATO since 1982, dates back to 1100 BC.

2. Spanish-Spoken Geographies

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after English. It is estimated that 470 million to 500 million people around the world speak Spanish today. A person who knows Spanish, which is accepted as the official language in many countries, can live by speaking only Spanish, not only in countries where Spanish is the official language, but also in many different and important countries such as the southern regions of the USA. The countries where Spanish is accepted as the official language are as follows:

Porto Rico
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Equatorial Guinea
El Salvador

Apart from these countries whose official language is Spanish, Spanish also; It is used as the official language in international and interregional organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the African Union, UNASUR, the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat, the Latin Union, the Caribbean Common Market and NAFTA. In addition, although it is not constitutionally defined as an official language in the United States yet, Spanish is widely used throughout the country, especially in the southern regions. Spanish, which is the second most spoken language after English in the United States, is used by approximately 41 million people in the country.

3. Spanish Economy and Tourism

The Spanish economy is the eighth largest economy in the world, according to World Bank data. However, according to the data recorded by the United Nations Tourism Organization in 2017, Spain is the second most visited country in the world with 81.9 million tourists. In other words, taking a Spanish language course and learning this language is invaluable for both those who plan a career in economics and work with international companies, and those who want to travel and see new places.

4. Spanish Structure

Spanish is a fairly simple language to learn, especially for English speakers, compared to languages ??like Chinese and Japanese. When you want to learn languages ??such as Chinese and Japanese, you have to learn a new alphabet, but it is not necessary in order  to learn Spanish. Many words used between English and Spanish are common, but since Spanish is a phonetic language that is spelled the way it is read, its pronunciation will not strain you either. Finally, when you learn Spanish, you can comprehend Latin languages, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian and French, which are similar in terms of language structure.

5. Cultural Features

Spain, the homeland of Spanish, which is accepted by the whole world, is of course a unique cultural value. With its high global popularity, Spain is one of the countries followed by the world with its sports activities and sports achievements. Spain, which is an important development item in tourism and football activities, has a very modern and comfortable economy. Spain, which has the most popular cities of the world such as Barcelona, ??Madrid, Granada, Sevilla and Valencia, it is also possible to participate in dozens of festivals, entertainment organizations, football tournaments throughout the year.

Spain, which has highly-developed artistic and cultural activities, Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together, offers its visitors an active life for 24 hours with its fun-young population and dynamic country structure; It is a valuable country with import and export agreements in many sectors such as science, industry, technology and textile.

Considering all these features, it is impossible not to understand that Spanish is among the most special languages ??in the world. Knowing Spanish, which is widely used in political, economic and cultural relations and the second language used in international communication, will make you very advantageous in areas such as travel, business and bilateral cooperation. If you want to make an investment both for yourself and your future by learning Spanish, you can join our online Spanish language course and learn Spanish from real and experienced teachers at affordable prices in a short time.