How Do Children Learn Turkish Most Effectively?

Learning Turkish is a necessity for many people, just as learning English is. Parents who know this and are aware of this reality make sure their children learn Turkish at a very young age. Many different methods can be preferred in Turkish education for children, but what are the easiest and most effective ways of learning? Among all the methods, which are the easiest ways to teach Turkish to children? Let's examine them together.

Teaching Turkish to Children

1. Try to do activities that your child likes in Turkish

For example, if your child enjoys watching cartoons, have them watch Turkish cartoons. Feed your child with animations whose original language is Turkish. While watching a cartoon,  help him/her understand the subject better by pausing the video frequently and retelling what is going on. Listen to Turkish children's songs often at home, and perform all the activities your child likes in Turkish.

2. Spend Your Vacations in Turkish-Speaking Countries

By spending your trips abroad specifically in Turkey or Turkish speaking countries, you can familiarize your child with Turkish and make it easier for him to learn Turkish. Your child will be motivated by realizing that you can communicate with other people in Turkish during his travels, and he / she will want to do this himself.

3. Make Turkish a Lifestyle

Learning Turkish should not be just a lesson for your child, on the contrary, he should regard it as a part of his life. Naturally, this depends on you. You can establish conversations with your child in Turkish as much as possible during the day, and you can have conversations in Turkish conversations at home from time to time.

4. Teach with Games

The best learning method for children is through games. You can teach your child Turkish in a much shorter time thanks to the games that allow them to both have fun and learn. For this, you can translate the games you already play into Turkish, or you can buy board games used in foreign language education.

5. Introduce Your Child to Zozuq

Zozuq is a new generation online Turkish learning platform that combines all the learning methods mentioned above. Thanks to Zozuq, which enables you to offer Turkish education to your child at home with educators expert in the field, your child learns Turkish in the natural flow of life, just like their mother tongue. Thanks to our enjoyable teaching methods, Turkish is no longer a boring lesson, rather it becomes a new language that your child enjoys using while communicating.