How to Practice Your Turkish

One of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Turkish is a special language that provides great advantages to the learners. Approximately 220 million people around the world speak Turkish, so learning this language will boost both your career and your social life. If you want to learn Turkish as a foreign language, you may have questions about how to learn this language. Read on to find tips that will help you learn and practice Turkish.

Tips for Practicing Turkish

Turkish, which is an agglutinative language, is one of the languages that anyone who speaks Western languages can easily learn. More and more learners from Turkey, Cyprus, Iraq, the Balkans, Central Asia and Central European countries need speaking practice to learn Turkish, so here are some useful strategies and tips:

Listen and Watch in Turkish: Today, social platforms such as Netflix provide you with content in many languages and give you the chance to watch the content you want with subtitles or dubbing in the language you prefer. You can watch movies and TV series with Turkish subtitles and benefit from such platforms, or you can challenge yourself and watch movies in Turkish dubbing. Listening to Turkish songs frequently will also help you practice your Turkish and improve your language skills.

Find a Speaking Partner: Finding a conversation partner is one of the most effective ways to practice Turkish. If you live in Turkey, you can easily find a friend to talk to. If you are in a different country, then you can practice Turkish with a family member or a friend.

Read Turkish Resources: Starting with resources such as short and simple narrative books and magazines at the beginning, reading more comprehensive Turkish resources over time is among the methods that will improve your Turkish. The Turkish books you read will help you  acquire Turkish patterns, which will be reflected in your spoken language.

Enroll in Online Turkish Course: Enrolling in an online Turkish course is perhaps one of the most effective ways to learn Turkish. Frequent practices you will do with your instructors in online Turkish trainings, where you can get Turkish education anytime and anywhere without time and place limitations, will make it easier for you to learn Turkish, and will enable you to master this new language in a short time.