I Understand Turkish But I Can't Speak It

If you know Turkish and understand it when you listen to it, but cannot speak it, you are not alone. Many people may face this problem in the process of learning a foreign language. This situation, caused by a lack of language practice, is actually quite simple to overcome. For example, you can increase your Turkish speaking speed by incorporating small methods into your life. We have prepared some Turkish language practice methods for anyone who says ''I understand Turkish, but I cannot speak it.” can benefit from.

Turkish Language Practice Methods

1. Don't Get Too Stuck on Grammar

In the daily spoken language, no one speaks by thinking about which tense to use and which grammar rules to pay attention to while speaking. If you get stuck with grammar too much in your Turkish speaking practices, this will affect your speaking speed and speaking ability negatively. Grammar is important in every language, but when at the speaking stage, you should free yourself and make your speeches in a more comfortable way of thinking.

2. Talk to Yourself

Another method you can adopt while practicing Turkish language is speaking to yourself. It may seem silly at first, but over time, you will realize that as you continue to speak, your self-confidence increases and you start to use words and sentences more easily and more accurately. If you want, you can take the work one step further and record your conversations and listen to it after you finish and take notes of your mistakes. The more often you repeat this and the more you go over your shortcomings, the better results you will get.

3. Read, Listen, Watch A Lot

Do not underestimate how useful it is to read and listen in order to speak. The more you expose yourself to Turkish during the day, the more phrases and words you will acquire. In your spare time, while walking on the road, while eating, linger with Turkish resources at every opportunity. Watch Turkish TV series and movies, listen to Turkish podcasts and songs. Spend your free time reading Turkish newspapers and books. Over time, you will realize how useful these resources will be.

4. Pay Attention to Language Practice

In addition to speaking to yourself, mutual language practices with a friend, family or online Turkish tutor are the most effective ways to prepare you to speak Turkish. We aim to provide you with maximum efficiency with the language practices we offer in the Turkish lessons you receive from Zozuq. Thanks to the Turkish language practices we do, you can start speaking Turkish in a short time, put your fears aside and start speaking Turkish like your mother tongue.