Ways to Learn Turkish Faster

It is the dream of many people to have a good command of Turkish and to be able to speak it fluently. Having both political and cultural importance, Turkish can open new doors for you in terms of career. Although it may seem difficult at the beginning, learning Turkish is actually an enjoyable process. If you are studying Turkish online, you can spend your free time to learn this important language without leaving your home.

How Can I Learn Turkish Faster?

1. Trust Yourself

You may want to learn Turkish quickly, but you may lack self-confidence. Just relax. When you start speaking Turkish, you will see that you will get better over time and your self-confidence will increase. Learning a new language is tough. If you show this courage and continue your education without fear, even if you can hardly speak at the beginning, you will improve over time and become expert.

2. Realize the importance of extracurricular activities

While learning Turkish, if you only focus on your online lessons, mastering this language will take a longer time. Therefore, in addition to your lessons, you should definitely benefit from extracurricular activities as well. The more Turkish sources you read, listen to and speak about, the faster you will improve.

3. Change the Language of Your Applications

Changing the language of all the applications you use on your phone to Turkish will help you  acquire some words naturally over time. In addition, learning Turkish words and structures you encounter in the application will expand your knowledge and increase your learning speed.

4. Talk to Yourself in Turkish

This may seem a little strange to you, but talking to yourself in Turkish will have a serious impact on your speed of learning Turkish. For example, when you go to bed at night, you can have an inner monologue in Turkish, asking yourself questions and going over your online lesson you had on that day. You can also prepare an interview on a topic of your choice and practice Turkish on your own, or you can recreate in your mind the language practices you have done in the online Turkish course. Also, you can practice Turkish while you prepare for your meeting by having a look at sample interviews, such as a job interview in Turkish. All these inner monologues will enable you to learn Turkish faster.